All Good Here

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Hey!  Long time, no blog.  It’s been over eight months since I have made a public post to my blog.  And the last post I made was about being in a serious funk.  So, I know you’re thinking that I must’ve relapsed or, at the very least, I’m not doing too well in life.  But actually, I’m proud to say that the total opposite is true.  Despite all of the craziness in the world, my life has become absolutely amazing […]

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Revisiting A Funk

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I post a lot about how great sober life is. This post will end on that message too, but I feel like I must talk about the tough times that are inevitably sprinkled in between. Prior to the past few days, which have been better, I was in one of the bigger funks of my now nearly two-year recovery journey. A lot of positive and exciting things were happening for me, but I was wholly unimpressed. Despite my best attempts, […]

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Balance In Recovery

Rocks balanced on beach with waves

The goal of recovery should be to build enough confidence and trust in yourself that living a free and balanced lifestyle becomes second nature.  Take full advantage of living in the moment, but realize that recovery has given you an opportunity to have a better tomorrow too.  If we take the “one day at a time” mantra too literally as we progress through recovery, we will get stuck in a cycle of comfort without growth.  It’s true that tomorrow is […]

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Starting A New SMART Recovery Meeting – Part 2

Group sitting in meeting circle

In the previous part of this series on starting a new SMART Recovery meeting, I talked about the training process and how I found a nice meeting location. In this article, I will talk about the promotion process of my new meeting. In the next article, I will discuss actually facilitating the first couple of meetings. When I left off in the previous article, I had just submitted my new meeting information to SMART Recovery for listing in their meeting […]

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Trust The Process

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Life can be hard.  I like to be in control and a big part of my past two years has been about learning patience.  I like to think there’s always something that I can do to move a process along.  I never say I’m bored because there is always something I can do.  But some things are out of my control.  Sometimes, I have to just have faith and trust the process.  I got a reminder of that today. I’ve […]

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Reaching 600 Days Of Recovery

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12 years, that’s how long I was a nightly drinker.  From the age of 22 until 34.  At age 25, I began day drinking.  So, for about 9 years I was an all-the-time drinker.  I always had alcohol nearby.  If I didn’t, I was scheming about how to get it quickly.  By age 34, I couldn’t go more than 2 hours without alcohol before withdrawing.  My chest would tighten, I would be gasping for air, my hands and feet would […]

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How To Change Your Thoughts

Man holding head in agony

I wish there was some magic formula here that I could share with you, but like anything, changing how you think takes some time and practice.  The good news is that I am living proof that you can do it.  It’s a simple process that you just have to submerse yourself in.  Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all linked together.  Your thoughts affect how you feel, how you feel affects your behavior, and your behavior affects how you think.  It […]

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Find Your Own Path In Recovery

Small path leading towards tree with storm clouds

When you first enter into recovery from substance abuse or addictive behavior, everyone will tell you how you should do it.  In the beginning, you should listen to them.  Do anything other than what you were doing in active addiction.  But, as time rolls on, you need to find your own path in recovery.  Through self-evaluation, research, and trial, you can find a path that is suitable for you. Early in your recovery, I believe that it is important to […]

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Facebook Recovery Support Groups

Smart phone screen with Facebook app icon

Online groups can be a great way to find some extra support during your recovery.  But they can also be a trigger for some.  It is important to approach them carefully and to take them for what they are – extra, impersonal forms of support.  Like anything online, there are some good people and there are some harmful people.  If you’re smart, cautious, and check your emotions at the door, there are some good Facebook groups for recovery support with […]

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How I’ve Stayed Sober Despite Obstacles

Close up of barbed wire

My second year of sobriety has been mostly rougher than my first year.  Not in terms of urges and resisting a drink or pill, but in terms of life.  I have stayed on the sober track through perseverance, accountability, and by using the tools that I had already put in place. In year two, I have really gotten into the roots of my problems and learning how to deal with them or change them without a substance.  In year one, […]

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