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Build Habits To Support Your Sober Lifestyle

New Year's resolutions are soo 2009.

Happy New Year, sober owners! Mike III here. It’s officially 2024 for those keeping track. I have to admit that I’m not big on the idea of celebrating a new calendar year. While it is nice to have a “reset date” that everyone agrees on, changing the calendar doesn’t magically change who we are. These days, I dig continuous improvement and know that change takes time. Resolutions don’t work because we don’t change quickly enough. This issue covers habit building and how to overcome obstacles along the way.

This issue is going out to over 270 men (and some women). Thank you all for your support! 🙏

Now, let’s do this thing…

💪 Build Habits

🚧 Overcome Obstacles

There are many ways to overcome challenges in obtaining your goals and having a successful year. Here are some of the most common and effective ones:

📂 Helpful Resources

HAVE A STRONG DAY is one of my favorite brands. I love the message and have a couple shirts plus several wrist bands & stickers posted around my workspace. Owner Lloyd Sarte has coined it as “mindset club,” check out the website for more about the values they represent.

For every purchase you make, they donate 10% to non-profit organizations that help communities and children flourish.

🏷️ TIP: They just extended their New Year Sale for 25% off sitewide until Jan. 8… you can stack that deal with an additional 15% off by using promo code MIKE.

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