How To Change Your Thoughts

Man holding head in agony

I wish there was some magic formula here that I could share with you, but like anything, changing how you think takes some time and practice.  The good news is that I am living proof that you can do it.  It’s a simple process that you just have to submerse yourself in.  Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all linked together.  Your thoughts affect how you feel, how you feel affects your behavior, and your behavior affects how you think.  It […]

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Find Your Own Path In Recovery

Small path leading towards tree with storm clouds

When you first enter into recovery from substance abuse or addictive behavior, everyone will tell you how you should do it.  In the beginning, you should listen to them.  Do anything other than what you were doing in active addiction.  But, as time rolls on, you need to find your own path in recovery.  Through self-evaluation, research, and trial, you can find a path that is suitable for you. Early in your recovery, I believe that it is important to […]

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Facebook Recovery Support Groups

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Online groups can be a great way to find some extra support during your recovery.  But they can also be a trigger for some.  It is important to approach them carefully and to take them for what they are – extra, impersonal forms of support.  Like anything online, there are some good people and there are some harmful people.  If you’re smart, cautious, and check your emotions at the door, there are some good Facebook groups for recovery support with […]

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How I’ve Stayed Sober Despite Obstacles

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My second year of sobriety has been mostly rougher than my first year.  Not in terms of urges and resisting a drink or pill, but in terms of life.  I have stayed on the sober track through perseverance, accountability, and by using the tools that I had already put in place. In year two, I have really gotten into the roots of my problems and learning how to deal with them or change them without a substance.  In year one, […]

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Learn To Fly Solo

Solo plane flying in clouds

One of the greatest benefits of sobriety for me has been that I have become comfortable in my own skin.  I love my own company and I am often content by myself.  Learning to fly solo in recovery can allow you to find yourself, enjoy your new-found freedom, and give you permission to take care of yourself.  Because let’s face it, at the end of the day, you’re the one that has to be happy first and foremost. Even if […]

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Facts About SMART Recovery

If you know me or follow my journey, you know that I am a huge advocate of SMART Recovery.  It has been very instrumental in my 19 months of recovery.  I recently completed the SMART Recovery facilitator training program and started a new meeting in my hometown.  The more that I advocate for SMART, the more I find that people don’t know anything about it or what they do know is incorrect.  I thought I would begin writing a series […]

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Agents of Modern Recovery

Over the past few months, I have begun to explore deeper into what I call modern and alternative approaches to recovery.  I have found that there are some really awesome people who are promoting more empowering and more intellectual methods of recovery.  It all started at the beginning of my own recovery journey when I found the book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, which I have talked about quite a bit on this blog over the past year.  I […]

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Fun? What Fun?

Don’t drink.  Go to counseling.  Go to work.  Get your schoolwork done.  Prepare to facilitate SMART Recovery meetings.  Get to bed earlier.  Take your meds.  Eat better.  Get some exercise.  Read, journal, and make time for your mental health. These are the things that I am constantly telling myself in my recovery.  I have put a TON of work into my recovery and making sure that I get to this point.  I stay on myself to do all of the […]

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Here’s Your Crown, King Nothing

You have it all figured out.  You’ve done exactly what you were told.  You’re sober and loving life, but you still feel the need to make a sarcastic and condescending comment towards anyone who even suggests that your way is not for them.  It worked for you so it must the only solution that exists.  I mean, everyone is just like you and you’re not unique in any way so they must be doing something wrong.  If they did everything […]

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Having A Naked Mind In Recovery

In the first month of my recovery, I was (and still am) all about doing research.  I wanted to digest as much information as I could about addiction and how to recover from it.  One of the very first resources I came across included a recommendation of the book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace.  I visited her website at and found the podcasts section.  After watching a couple of videos of Annie explaining what This Naked Mind was all […]

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