Having A Naked Mind In Recovery

In the first month of my recovery, I was (and still am) all about doing research.  I wanted to digest as much information as I could about addiction and how to recover from it.  One of the very first resources I came across included a recommendation of the book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace.  I visited her website at  https://thisnakedmind.com/ and found the podcasts section.  After watching a couple of videos of Annie explaining what This Naked Mind was all about, I was hooked.  I was so excited that I had found what I considered an intellectual approach to recovery.  It was a science-backed approach that was heavily cited with scientific research and it just aligned perfectly with what I was seeking.

This Naked Mind (TNM) addresses the sub-conscience side of drinking.  It examines all of the reasons that we think we enjoy drinking and uses scientific research to basically debunk the thoughts.  It looks at how our brains have been conditioned to unconsciously view drinking as a good and beneficial activity.  But it isn’t just a bunch of facts and data being thrown at you.  Annie takes you on a journey through how she overcame her own decade-long battle with alcohol.  It is easily relate-able and easy to read.  As you are enjoying the book your sub-conscience is being taught the truth about alcohol — that it is unhealthy, damaging, and not doing any of the things you think it is doing for you.  A light goes off inside of you.  Your view of alcohol is altered and it makes it easier to walk away from.

The TNM website sums it up as, “This Naked Mind works by ending the conflict between your conscious desire to drink less, and your unconscious belief that alcohol is beneficial.”  The concept of a naked mind is one that has been unconditioned to drink for benefit and is aware of the true nature of alcohol.  I believe that everyone in recovery and anyone who is even remotely questioning their relationship with alcohol should read this book to wake themselves up.  Regardless of the treatment program or path you take, This Naked Mind is a must-read.  Everyone deserves a naked mind in their recovery process.

Being 18 months into my recovery journey and very publicly open about it, I get asked a lot for advice or suggestions on where to start in recovery and my go-to answer is to start by reading This Naked Mind.  It was very instrumental in my recovery and getting through the first few months without miserable cravings.  Everyone will have a different experience when reading it, but the information contained is valuable even if you aren’t fully a fan from the begging like I was.  And if you’re still on the fence about making the investment into this book, take a look at this video…

Annie has gone beyond just writing this book and a second book called The Alcohol Experiment.  Visit her website at https://thisnakedmind.com/ for several ways to get involved with her approach and the different programs she has created to help others on their own recovery journey.  She is even hosting a live event in September.

I hope you will do yourself a favor and read This Naked Mind.  Give it a chance, read it all the way through, and just be open to the information.  It could be one of the best things you do for your sobriety, it was for me.

If you find it useful, let me know.  I love to hear how others are relating to the information.  If you would like to share your own story of recovery, please e-mail me at mike@ownsobriety.com or contact me via social media.

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