Goodbye, Alcohol

Goodbye, Alcohol.  It’s been ten and a half months since we last got together.  It’s been ten and a half amazing months for me.  I’ve returned to college to get a degree in Addictions Counseling to help others get over you.  I’ve started a business to help others manage life without you.  I’ve grown and flourished in so many ways without you.  I’ve seen beautiful sunrises and amazing sunsets without you.  I’ve gone on walks, went on drives and just sat still without you.  I’ve survived holidays and a birthday without you.  I’ve overcome anxiety and had great conversations without you.  I’ve been on time and held my commitments without you.  I’ve been happy and full of compassion without you.  I’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time without you.
There are no more hangovers.  No more puking.  No more withdrawals.  I no longer have panic attacks so severe that I end up in the hospital.  I no longer have to spend eight days in an inpatient detox center to get over you.  I no longer make a fool of myself.  I no longer wake up with you on my mind.  I no longer need you to fall asleep.  I no longer shake violently without you.  I no longer need you to function.  I no longer hate my life.  I no longer want to end my life.  I no longer want you at all.  Not even just a little to take the edge off.  Not to relax.  Not to celebrate.  Not to do anything at all.
It’s over.  It wasn’t me, it was you.  You had me convinced I needed you.  You had me fooled into liking you.  You had complete control over me and my life.  No longer.  It’s over.
Goodbye, alcohol.
Hello, Me.